“Each jewel is individual not only in design…” – Deborah Cadby

Deborah Cadby’s ‘Cadby and Co’ collection is a partnership with her father, Jeff. His many years in dealing in the finest antique jewellery enables him to find the most beautiful old cut and antique diamonds and precious stones. Deborah’s love for these stones has inspired her to create pieces reminiscent of ancient jewellery but undoubtedly modern in its design. The elegant simplicity makes this collection timeless.

Hand crafted with soft, smooth and tactile finishes. Deborah uses 22ct gold for its rich warm colour and softness, and platinum for its elegant, steely subtlety. The antique stones that are used have a lustre and sparkle with a nature of their own that comes from each stone being cut by hand. Unusual dimensions, uneven facets and irregular shapes; rose cuts, early cushions and antique rounds are hard to find so each ring is completely individual and special.