“Each piece of mine is like a diary entry about a special experience, place, person, or moment. And, when you wear my jewellery, you’ll bring your story to it.” – Judi Powers

Judi had a wonderfully long career in book publishing before becoming a jeweller and launching her first collection in 2013. Working with books fueled her appreciation for story-telling, and this love of creating narratives deeply influences her own approach to making jewellery. Flowers and trees from the Hudson Valley, Buddhist architecture, beach treasures from countless summers spent in Montauk, and animals from her childhood in the country inspire the shapes and details in her jewellery. Her love for understated elegance is what drives her to design and make pieces that are both luxurious and effortless to wear. Judi’s goal is to create jewellery that reminds you how elegant, beautiful, and special you are every time you slip it on.

Judi uses techniques such as wax carving, found-object casting, and traditional metal smithing. All of her cast pieces are made with recycled precious metals and she uses ethically sourced diamonds and coloured gemstones so that you look and feel great every time you wear a piece of hers. Most of Judi’s work features her signature “cashmere” which is a slightly textured matte finish that feels soft and luxurious against your skin.