“Night turns to day but the stars will forever remain.”

Sonny Bailey-Aird is the man behind Rusty’s Jewellery. As a self taught metalsmith, based in London, Sonny’s goal is to create functional, bespoke and original jewellery from precious metals and a variety of gemstones. He pursued the art of silversmithing with a vivid sense of curiosity and love for beauty and tradition. To be able to create beautiful pieces which will last a lifetime is something that Sonny holds close to his heart.

Quality and longevity are at the core of what he does, with an anti mass made philosophy to ensure a loving process of craft and artistry. Everything is handmade from scratch, starting with silver and gold ingots right up to the stone settings themselves. Traditional and lengthier techniques are prioritised over speed and convenience, giving you a piece that is truly hand made, one of a kind and of the highest quality. Everything Sonny makes ages beautifully.