“Through the making process, I desire to achieve a perfect harmony between stone, metal and human intervention.” – Barbora Rybarova

It all started when Barbora moved to South America where she studied and worked alongside skilled jewellers and artisans, after graduating from CSM College with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture in 2009. Here grew her passion for gemstones and jewellery making. Upon her return to London in 2012, Barbora continued exploring the jewellery world through self-education, often pushing the traditional boundaries. Over the years, Barbora developed her unique and recognisable style by combining the fascinating textures of raw minerals with the smooth brilliance of precious metals and cut gems. She finds endless beauty and inspiration in rough untreated gemstones, which she cuts, files and polishes all herself in her London studio. Barbora endeavours to preserve the natural, organic look of each of her carefully handpicked stones, and then sets them in a contemporary, high end and unusual way to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Barbora is also a passionate mountaineer and she spends time surrounded by rocky mountains, cliffs and glacier. These moments of joy and the connection with Nature transfer into her work.