Fleur’s Finds is a platform for original, emerging and established fine jewellers from all around the world.


arefully curated, each designer has been selected for the honesty, beauty and soul behind their story, from their inspiration, design process and skill in jewellery making. Although their craftsmanship differs, they all share a deep sense of love and respect for the earth, and the precious metals, minerals and stones nature has provided us with. They appreciate what exquisite detail, living inspiration and individuality resides in nature, and have combined them to create alternative pieces of wearable art.

At Fleur’s Finds you will unearth contemporary fine jewellery, that challenges the traditional aesthetic of the industry, each piece as unique and special as the wearer.



leur Yennek-Butcher, born and raised in London, is a trained jeweller, graduate gemologist and jewellery collector. Captivated by jewellery and gems from a very young age, she remembers watching films and forever being envious of characters that wore or handled little treasures. She would bead plastic stones onto pieces of string and pretend they were long lost royal rubies, or magical diamonds or ancient sapphires. Growing up, discovering exceptional stones and jewellery has brought Fleur great joy and she would like to share this with you now, alongside her gemological knowledge and experience in jewellery design and making.

After graduating with a Business & Management degree from Manchester University (UK), Fleur found herself working in luxury fashion and eventually fine jewellery sales in London. At the same time she pursued her passion and trained in Hatton Garden, also known as London’s “Diamond Street”, as a goldsmith and jewellery designer. She felt she was where she was always meant to be, surrounded by precious stones in shop windows and the sound of jewellery workshops tinkering away.

On qualification as a goldsmith and jewellery designer, Fleur moved to Dubai on an adventure. Immersed in a culture and environment which highly values fine jewellery, she developed her skills further and studied gemmology at the International Gemological Institute. Here she learnt how to grade coloured stones, polished diamonds and rough diamonds. Fleur then received commissions to source diamonds and gemstones and to create contemporary pieces. Although Dubai has a sparkling array of fine jewellery, Fleur considers it to be characterised by traditional aesthetics, and seeks to promote international jewellers that can offer an alternative by setting up “Fleur’s Finds”.